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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Hands that Molded Me....

I've saved the BEST for last....LOL! This is my precious mom. Isn't she beautiful?!
My mom and I are best friends and never run out of things to talk about. Just ask Sean he can't believe we have that many words. LOL! When I am at my wit's end she is who I call and without fail she reminds me "God is in control, lean on Him hard and He won't fail". She has been a spiritual rock for me as I've seen her weather many tough storms and come through clinging tightly to Him. I can still remember the songs she sang to me when I was a small child and she still sings all the time. Her joy is real because it comes from the only source of real joy...not money...not things...but Jesus!!  
She is such a blessing to so many and I am forever grateful to call her My Mom! I love you mom! !XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXO

The other wonderful woman who has molded my life is my mother in love, Paula. She blesses me every single day because of the wonderful man she raised! She is a strong woman, raising Sean on her own for years while working long, long hours. Our relationship had a rocky start but I'm so thankful God has transformed our relationship into beauty over the years. We are so different...she is quiet and I am not. She is stylish and I am not. She is not emotional and I so am. LOL! We balance each other well, don't we Paula?!  I love any time that I get to spend with her and our time together always seems way too short.  I am so thankful for the molding she did all those years ago that has given me and our family such a gift with an amazing husband and daddy! Paula, I love you higher than the mountains!!! 

To Mother
You painted no Madonnas
On chapel walls in Rome, 
But with a touch diviner 
You lived one in your home. 

You wrote no lofty poems 
That critics counted art, 
But with a nobler vision 
You lived them in your heart.

You carved no shapeless marble 
To some high-souled design, 
But with a finer sculpture 
You shaped this soul of mine. 

You built no great cathedrals 
That centuries applaud, 
But with a grace exquisite 
Your life cathedraled God. 

Had I the gift of Raphael, 
Or Michelangelo, 
Oh, what a rare Madonna 
My mother's life would show!
--Thomas W. Fessenden


-stephanie- said...

This is awesome! You are blessed.
Happy Mother's Day to you.