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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day....

Wonderful, wonderful day! 
Beautiful weather, homemade cards, food with the family, 
gifts and love abounding! 
I am so blessed!

Saturday we got to spend a few hours with Sean's parents which is something that always blesses my socks off!! So I count that as part of my Mother's Day gifts too! :)

We gathered for a picnic lunch here at home because we knew Ryan might call and I did NOT want to miss that! LOL!  Zachary and Ericka blessed me with my first running outfit! It is adorable! I'm a color person and Ericka did great picking these out. They also brought chocolate chip cookie cake....YUM!!
My parents were here too and we enjoyed food and fellowship. After everyone left I donned my new running shoes and running outfit and ran 2 miles. Had to work off all that yummy food! :)  My brother came over in the evening and then Arielle, Ryan's girlfriend, surprised me with flowers, a beautiful card and Butterfinger Bites! See why I have to run so much?! LOL! We spent the evening yacking away and counting down the days until our big trip to Oklahoma.
  All and all it was a wonderful, wonderful day!!

Hope yours was as well.....


Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. And way to go on running two miles!!