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The day our boy became a real United States A*my Soldier! So awesome! Loved the respect and honor of God and America that the speakers exhibited during the program. Loved that God wasn't taken out of it!! 

Ryan said after standing in this position for quite some time as everyone took pictures made him feel like a zoo animal. LOL!
See that Drill Sergeant in front? She was something! She had a very short stature but boy she could command those boys/men like nobody's business. Just ask Ryan.....LOL! 
Now that Ryan is in AIT learning his job we are able to communicate thru texting which is so great! He  told us the other night that he passed his first examination with flying colors. Some is book learning which he got a 92% in and the other part is hands on which he got a 100%!! Go Ryan!! He is really glad to not be doing Basic Training right now as the temps are around 113* right now out there!  Woo baby. We say it's hotter than hades out there....LOL!


Sorry to overload you on pictures of our boy but I am one proud mama and need to share. LOL!  To refresh everyone, we drove the 22 hours to Oklahoma to see Ryan graduate from A*my Bootcamp. It was soooo worth it! To finally hug my boys' neck after 10 weeks was such bliss! :)  Of course there's lots of stories to tell and I understand there's at least one person out there that wants to hear them so don't worry, I will be sharing. LOL!  But first....Family Day. Ryan had texted Sean the night before we saw him to ask if Sean would be willing to put on his promotion pin during the ceremony. Ahh, tears. :) So here's my main man waiting to do so. I just got to say...aren't they soooo handsome?! 

Here is Sean placing the pin. My picture is blurry because I was a blubbering idiot. :) But you get the idea  LOL!

The battery in their dress blues. It was so cool to hear their cadences. In fact, Sean has suggested we make up our own cadences for the little ones. We're still…

The WHOLE gang together again.....

My "Plus 5".....

Fort Sill....

Computer is giving me issues and won't let me post pictures! UGH! You just have to see my boy....I'll try tomorrow to upload them....until then I know you all will wait with baited breath.....LOL!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

We try to have one book always going as a read aloud. Some days we read 2 chapters, others....not so much. Anyways, we decided to read the original Wizard of Oz book and then watch the movie afterwards. They loved it! I had never read the original and it is very different from the movie. It was funny, they weren't afraid of the wicked witch as I read about her but seeing her on the movie really caused alarm for several of them. I was very surprised by how much even Nolan comprehended and retained from our reading aloud times. They loved to tell daddy all about it at supper each night. Gabriella would talk so fast he could hardly understand a word of it. :) Don't worry, I am a good translator. LOL! So we finished the book and prepared for our big movie night. We had a yellow brick road leading up to our infamous "snack shak". I wished I had planned better because there is so much you can do with this theme to make it super great but I did the bare minimum and they sti…

We're Outta Here....

The time has come.
 The time is now.
We are loaded up and headed out.

5 small children
a mom and dad
the open road up ahead.

Lots of luggage
books and toys
Family full of lots of joy.

We are just days away
from seeing our boy
now all grown up, an Army Grad!

Oklahoma here we come
oh my, watch out everyone! LOL!

If you see our truck loaded down
with kids a' singing and goofing around
Honk and wave and say a prayer
Cuz traveling this way takes no fear! :)


When Ryan called tonight he had some very good news for us. It seems our boy has exceeded everyone's expectations....not only has he been promoted to an E2 he also was chosen as Distinguished Honor Grad and Squad Leader!!!! How awesome is that?! We are so proud of him and all he has accomplished but we also know that God gets all the praise and honor. We've been praying for Ryan to excel, to set himself apart, for God to raise him up and He has....He truly has. Thank you Lord for your answers to our humble prayers.

So do I hear some shoutin' for our boy, Ryan Lease?! Way to go Ryan! Way to SHINE!!! We love you so very much!!!

Mystery Girl....

Our Gabriella is quite the mystery girl. LOL! She stumps the drs. all the time with why she has this symptom or that symptom or why the medication is doing this or not doing that. Often times I'll ask her main specialist a question about why does she has this happening and she shrugs her shoulders and says "I don't know". NOT real reassuring, that's for sure! :) So thankful her real physician is Almighty God and He has all the answers and her ultimate healing!!

So....where are we at right now....Miss G's last visit to her Endocrinologist was not as positive as I had hoped. She ordered a battery of tests to see if Gabi has other issues happening we haven't identified yet. A couple of days ago we had some of those tests done and will finish up with the rest after our return from Ryan's graduation. She is an amazing little girl and she sat there while they took 8!!!! tubes of blood from her! I was getting nervous. I mean, she is a teeny tiny little thing…


Is that one happy lil' guy or what?! :) As he should be on his very special 4th birthday! Goodness, where has the time gone? I can't believe my little man is growing so fast. He is such an incredible gift to us and we enjoy him immensely!! He has the BEST sense of humor and causes us to chuckle the day away. 
In honor of his birthday I want to share just a couple of his most recent sayings with you: "Now that's something you don't see everyday" "Dad, can I have some sawdust too?" after watching Sean put Parmesan cheese on top of his spaghetti. LOL!  "Oh no don't start that again"  "there's something very familiar about that"
He has an amazing vocabulary which I say comes from all the hours he has spent listening to books! Sometimes when he uses big words correctly it astounds Sean and he has him repeat the word over and over just because he likes to hear him say it. LOL!
Oh Nolan Elijah we are soooooo thankful for you! Y…

Something to be proud of....

New Pictures.....

Seeing new pictures of our boy is like getting the best Christmas present ever!! :) In 7 short days we will be heading out to see him graduate bootcamp! Excited isn't even the word anymore. LOL! 

In the first pic he is on the far right. So straight and handsome!

In this one he is 2nd from the right in first row behind flag holder. Here he is on the top hanging over on the far left. (the blondie! LOL!)