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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

We try to have one book always going as a read aloud. Some days we read 2 chapters, others....not so much. Anyways, we decided to read the original Wizard of Oz book and then watch the movie afterwards. They loved it! I had never read the original and it is very different from the movie. It was funny, they weren't afraid of the wicked witch as I read about her but seeing her on the movie really caused alarm for several of them. I was very surprised by how much even Nolan comprehended and retained from our reading aloud times. They loved to tell daddy all about it at supper each night. Gabriella would talk so fast he could hardly understand a word of it. :) Don't worry, I am a good translator. LOL! So we finished the book and prepared for our big movie night. We had a yellow brick road leading up to our infamous "snack shak". I wished I had planned better because there is so much you can do with this theme to make it super great but I did the bare minimum and they still loved it. Whew! LOL!

So now for some trivia:
In the book....
1) There were little men without arms with spring loaded necks called Hammerheads.
2) The shoes were silver not red.
3) They got off the yellow brick road and ended up in a river in which Mr. Scarecrow gets stuck and is  later rescued by a stork.
4) Each town they went through had different colors that represented the inhabitants and all their things from clothes, food, houses, etc were that color.


Debbie said...

Love it! I tried doing that with Charlotte's Web with the girls but while I was out one day Dave let them watch the movie.

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