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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mystery Girl....

Our Gabriella is quite the mystery girl. LOL! She stumps the drs. all the time with why she has this symptom or that symptom or why the medication is doing this or not doing that. Often times I'll ask her main specialist a question about why does she has this happening and she shrugs her shoulders and says "I don't know". NOT real reassuring, that's for sure! :) So thankful her real physician is Almighty God and He has all the answers and her ultimate healing!!

So....where are we at right now....Miss G's last visit to her Endocrinologist was not as positive as I had hoped. She ordered a battery of tests to see if Gabi has other issues happening we haven't identified yet. A couple of days ago we had some of those tests done and will finish up with the rest after our return from Ryan's graduation. She is an amazing little girl and she sat there while they took 8!!!! tubes of blood from her! I was getting nervous. I mean, she is a teeny tiny little thing and by the looks of it they were taking all her blood! But the phlebotomist assured me they weren't and she'd be just fine. :)

I heard from her Dr. yesterday and it seems we have yet another issue to deal with. Her Potassium levels are very low. So being the resourceful mother I am I  G*ogled what this means and now I wish I hadn't. :( I have a call into her Nephrologist and am trying to wait patiently for his take on this and what the next step will be. Gosh I just wish God would send His word and heal her totally and completely but until that happens I will just do my best to keep her as strong and healthy as we can. I would so, so appreciate your prayers for our little girl!

When your body is not doing what it should be doing it creates havoc in all the other areas and we are noticing even more so now how intertwined it all is and how the low levels of this, that and the other have affected her brain functioning as well. :(  The human body is extraordinary and I never truly grasped how important each and every part, cell, muscle, blood, etc., is to the whole and when one part (even a tiny part) limps along how it affects all those other parts counting on it to do its' job. So we are getting Biology lessons in all of this as well! :)


Shonni said...

Praying for your little one. That is one cute picture of her too!!!!

Tereasa said...

Oh, bless your heart, sweet mama. I will pray for you!

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