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Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Pictures.....

Seeing new pictures of our boy is like getting the best Christmas present ever!! :) In 7 short days we will be heading out to see him graduate bootcamp! Excited isn't even the word anymore. LOL! 

In the first pic he is on the far right. So straight and handsome!

In this one he is 2nd from the right in first row behind flag holder.
Here he is on the top hanging over on the far left. (the blondie! LOL!)
And last but not least, he's on the top far right after helping the other soldier over . :)

He is doing so well and possibly might be promoted before graduation. He called today and he sounds really good and very much looking forward to graduation! LOL! They have a big hike and night maneuvers this week along with hands-on simulation of a war zone. It's hard to believe 10 weeks are almost over.  So thankful for the pictures, hearing his voice today and knowing that God has a good plan for his life. (Even if I don't like that it's like a million miles away!)  :)

We love you Ryan......Hooah! 


Arielle said...

So Proud!!

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