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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming Home...

We visited an awesome Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. It was so beautiful!

Going into the visitors cool look at those bird nests! 

Longhorn cattle grazed within feet of us.

A tarantula crossed the road. It doesn't look it here but it was so huge that we could see a black spot moving across the road before we were even close! Now that's one BIG spider. EEEK! LOL!

This guy came right up to the cars. He was rather large and Sean told me to get out of the car and get a good picture of him. He was behind our vehicle and so I hesitantly opened the door and maneuvered into a position when he came towards me! I moved faster than greased lightning back into the truck and screamed "drive, drive, drive" but Sean said it would be fine....and it was. LOL! But still my babies were in the truck.....:) 

Here's his herd of ladies he was protecting from the curious onlookers.

This place was called the "Holy City". It was interesting. It held an Easter Passion Play for years and years. The number of people that were told about Jesus here is in the millions! How cool is that?! 

The chapel. It was so beautiful! Outside and inside.

I'm so sad the picture is fuzzy. It was breathtakingly beautiful! The intricate details, the music playing, the age and history, the very cool old, squeaky pews.....perfection! :)

Just look at this view!! I mean isn't God an amazing creator?! I just couldn't get enough of it. I have a gazillion pictures of the various views and each of them unique and beautiful!

And just look at this view.....awwww! Excuse Samuel, he wasn't into the view and certainly DID NOT want his picture taken! LOL! 

Ok, just one more....I love the sky in this one. You could see forever from here....