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Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun FYI....

Make your own easy water wall from plastic bottles.

Another hot Monday here and so I decided to make a fun water wall for the little's. I actually saw the pin on Pinterest but theirs are pretty elaborate and mine...not so much. I just used plastic bottles (so it's also a green project because you recycle!) screwed them to a tree, cut holes at various places in each bottle and voila! Water wall or tree! LOL! Nolan was my helper boy as I aligned the bottles and ran and got me water to try out each bottle placement. Then I left them at it and they've been happily playing away. to a momma's ears! :) Then I added the exciting element of color. I laid out the food coloring bottles and after a bit of plain color they decided to experiment and were mixing the colors to exciting!!! Red and yellow make ORANGE! LOL! 
I wonder how long the fun will last?! Hopefully awhile longer as I'm trying to organize and sort the homeschool room! :)
Just wanted to share in case any of you momma's were looking for something fun and easy for the kiddos to do....


Denise said...

My kiddos would love this! Anything involving water is always a hit. Thanks for the great idea!