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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Run Like the Wind Bullseye....

This is a favorite saying of ours around here when the little's are running around. So, it just felt like the right title to talk about my running adventures. LOL! I am so stoked that I am up to running 5 miles now. :) I started running in April right after Ryan left for B**tcamp. I love running. I really look forward to my runs and the fact that  I am bettering myself. Before we left for Oklahoma, I was getting up at 6 am to run, that way the little ones were still asleep and not hounding me as I ran. :) But our trip to Oklahoma took alot out of me and it's taken me quite awhile to get back into my rhythm. 

This is my "track". I'm a trail runner so this is perfect for me! I run this loop over and over again to log my miles. Honestly, mostly I'm thankful that I can run everyday here in my front yard, not far from my family but sometimes the sameness wears on me. BUT, this is where I'm at right now and I'm great with that. Eventually, my "track" will be the surrounding woods but right now I'm hesitant because of the bears and rattlesnakes that run rampant around here. I DO have a funny story about that....hee,hee,hee.  One night Sean had taken the kids to the bank with him and it was just me and my old pup, Mordecai. Although he's only a miniature schnauzer he protects me like he's a rottweiler! LOL! So we decided to run up behind our house. The weeds are up to my waist but that didn't stop us off we went. Through the woods, onto the open area, back into the woods. I scared a flock of wild turkeys, 2 moms and 16 babies, which in turn scared me. LOL! We startled some deer and just as we came out onto the open area again and I was thinking to myself "this is so great. I'm going to have to start running up here all the time", I heard my brothers' dogs barking like mad and then I heard a low, muffled SNORT! Well it didn't take me but a minute to figure out what that was and I was off, running like the wind towards home. My legs have never moved so fast in my life! LOL! Seriously, if I had a timer I'd bet I broke the world speed records that night. :) Just as I ran down to my house, Sean was there. I was like a crazy woman telling him I heard a SNORT and I was gasping for breath. He just chuckled, hugged me and said "maybe you'd better stay down here to run".  Wiser words I never heard! :) So, now I run right here on my little path over and over and over again enjoying every minute and praying that the big, burly, black bear that keeps visiting my brothers house (RIGHT NEXT DOOR) would stay far away from mine! LOL!

But I wanted to share my workout statistics with you. No, not to pat myself on the back, although I AM proud of myself but to show you something very important.
Daily Mile Statistics

I've logged 129.38 miles for a total time of 23:46 in 69 workouts. I've powered 290.81 Tv's, saved 6.841 gallons of gas, burned 4 pounds,and burned 79.12 donuts!  

It's that last one that gets me. I've ONLY burned 79 donuts?! Holy smokes! I'm thinking I'll never look at a donut the same way again. :) 

When I get discouraged that I'm not fast enough or blah, blah, blah I remember this: 


NeeCee said...

I am so proud of you. Some day I want to be able to run too. Right now, I have too much weight my arthritic knees have to support, so I'm not there yet. I'm just doing good to get a 3 mile walk in. At least I'm trying and I'm no longer on the couch.

Tereasa said...