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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trust or Fear??

"If we really knew how much God loves us, there would never be any reason for us to fear what He might allow into our lives. We would have the confidence and the trust to continually abandon our lives into His care because we would know that He loves us, and that He is faithful and trustworthy to take care of us no matter what".

"Trusting God is relying upon Him and His ability to accomplish His Will in our lives, no matter how we feel, what we think, or what the circumstances are. This is the daily picking up of our crosses (Matthew 16:24) and doing what He has asked - whether we feel like it or not! This is probably the hardest part of loving God because we must do in action what God has asked, regardless of how we feel and what we think".

Quotes from ~The Way of Agape by Nancy Missler~

Where do you live? Trust or Fear?? A month ago I would have adamantly said Trust but God is showing me lately that's not true. Fear dominates my mind more than trust! 

"What if this child never learns_____?" 
"What does the future look like for______?"  
"What if I'm failing miserably at this whole mom gig?"

Don't you just love how God shows us something and then continually brings it to our attention through conversations, books, radio programs, bible verses, etc.  In a dinner date with a dear friend she brought to my attention yet again, that God has it all figured out and He isn't expecting me to make  it happen because I can't, only He can! I was mulling that over for several days when He brought 2 sermons that spoke the same truths.  This book further causes me to think and ponder and God confirms to me this is an area we are to work on together. I have no idea why the word trust sends shivers down my spine anymore but I'm sure it has to do in part with the wild roller coaster ride I've been on the last several years. :) Wheee! 

I am bound and determined to learn to truly, wholeheartedly, boldly TRUST God with my life in every area, and kick fear in the teeth! 

I don't know what the future holds but I do know Who holds my future and I will rest in that......


Acceptance with Joy said...

Thanks for the comments lately. When you commented a couple of weeks ago when we had just gotten back from Children's Hosp for the Psych eval for Missy I was like 'HOW DOES SHE KNOW!!!" lol meant to connect with you then, but was so busy with company from Africa. I guess you know when that's the life you live also!!!

He's trustworthy!! We can trust Him in the little and the big. And God gave us a great big test yesterday over the girls going to Europe alone and it was ONLY a test. lol. They are not going alone after all.

Amazing how God works.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Right there with you my friend! So hard because satan continually you have to let God yell louder in your ear! Easier said than done.

Tereasa said...

Yep. I'm here, there and everywhere. I'd like to think my trust is growing, though. Well, I know it is by the grace of God.

BTW, I told a friend about your blog because her son is about to go to basic. I thought you two might connect.