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Monday, August 6, 2012

Man Love...

Sean is my biggest fan and encourager. He surprised me with a Garmin watch for running for Mother's Day and just this weekend he surprised me with an Ipod Shuffle. I have been trying to get  Ryan's old Ipod to work but have not been successful. So, my man got me my very own and the best part about it's GREEN! My favorite color. :)   The watch he bought me is green too! See...I told ya he loves me! :)  When I'm out running in the mornings he always watches for me to make sure I'm safe and no wild animals have got me. LOL! I am so very, very blessed to have this man by my side. 

If I could only give 2 words to describe him I'd choose strong and solid. He is made of tough stuff and is all man but boy he is so tender and loving with his family too. He is solid in every way possible. He is solid in his faith (so very very important!) solid in his work ethics, solid in his commitments, solid in his word and solid in his love for us. God couldn't have picked a better man for this job of loving me and these kids! I am forever grateful to Him!! 

Sean is a man of few words which is ok because don't worry, I balance him out! LOL! He can make me laugh until I cry (which he did just a couple of nights ago! LOL!) And because of his influence, we have older sons that are amazing men as well! Man love is the BEST! Ladies, don't settle for less than God's perfect plan for your lives. I promise it will be better than you could imagine! :)


Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

Sounds like you have a great guy there! And you're right, that is so, so important. I thank God everyday for my guy and so glad that I didn't settle for less.

By the way, green is also my favorite color! :)