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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So, Word Is....

That this attractive soldier boy will be heading to the other side of the world. :(    He will finish up his job training in Oklahoma, come home for a week and then head to Korea for a year and a half! Gosh, doesn't God have such a sense of humor? Who knew that all those years ago when we were studying Korean culture and Ryan was learning the Korean language that someday it would come so in handy?! Oh that's right, God did! LOL!

Although we have 3 Korean beauties we never traveled there. They were all escorted to us. I have tried to tell Sean this would be a great opportunity for us to move to Korea for a year and teach English....the little's would see their home country and Ryan could visit us. But alas, my man is NOT buying it. :) I'm already praying that somehow, someway, we can figure out how to visit him before he heads back to the States.

My heart breaks at the long separation ahead but I know God has a plan for Ryan and it's good.....very good! So we rest in that and count down the days until October when we get to see our boy again and pour in enough love to last him to he returns home! :)


Denise said...

I thought you had a great idea! :) Since it didn't work out, I'll pray that you'll be able to go to Korea and visit.

Tereasa said...

Aww... really? No teaching in Korea? Oh well. ;) I know you'll miss your boy. I'll be praying for you!