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Sunday, August 19, 2012


So here on the mountaintop we have some exciting news! All the little's (except Sam, of course) no longer need training wheels! Honestly, this is amazingly wonderful news on so many levels. My sweet Kyalynn, just look at the joy in her face. Now imagine her little voice saying over and over and over again, "look mommy,  I doing it" "great job, you did it!", "I riding bike mommy" and "look, look at me!"    :) So precious! Connor picked it up a while back,  then Nolan decided he wanted his trainers off and of course then everyone wanted theirs off too. LOL! I tried and tried to teach the girls but they just weren't getting it. Then one day as I was reading to some of them outside Gabriella started yelling and here she was riding the bike!! Unfortunately, she isn't the safest one on the block. LOL! She's run into the picnic table, the side of the shed, the front post, and on and on but she is much better now. Thank God! :) Kyalynn kept on trying but we were both frustrated because she just couldn't balance well on the bike. Then lo and behold, she just got on and off she went. She looked quite funny in the beginning because she held her knees and legs out (see 2nd picture) but we figured out that was how she was balancing herself. Pretty smart, huh?! Now that she has it, she doesn't hold her legs/knees out anymore. 
Gosh, all my little's are growing up.....

Samuel was riding his tricycle today and was getting crazy on it and apparently flipped it and bonged his head pretty good. You know those cartoons where the person gets hit on his head and this huge lump grows out? Well, that's what Sam looked like. :( He's fine now and he even got back on the tricycle and showed it who's boss! LOL!

P.S. Everyone is required by me to wear a helmet when riding their bikes. This mommy isn't into blood and with Gabriella's driving record it's a necessity! :) Anyhow, Kyalynn somehow escaped a helmet in the above pics but normally their heads are protected. :)