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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A crazy hard week...

I'm not even sure how to put the last couple of days in words. Sunday, while we were on a family hike on the mountain, about 1/2 way in, Nolan and Sean were attacked and stung many times by yellow jackets. The girls and I were in front and we had no idea what was going on. Nolan just started screaming this terrible scream and it took a few minutes for Sean to realize there were yellow jackets on him. Then he took off running to get away from them. It was seriously like the cartoons where the swarm of bees chase you down. We tried to stop and pull the bees off Nolan's head, shirt, legs, etc. but more came so we took off down the mountain running again. Finally, we were away from them and we examined Nolan. He was red and scared but seemed ok. Sean carried him the rest of the way out of the woods on his back which was a total of at least another mile. (The total mileage for this trail was 3 miles). We were almost back to civilization when I noticed Nolan rubbing his eyes. I kept watch on him and kept him talking but he didn't answer me this time. I yelled his name several times and nothing. Then Sean took him off his back and Nolan came to/woke up. Talk about adrenaline pumping. UGH! This is when we noticed his eyes were swelling even though he wasn't stung there. We moved as fast as we could with 5 small children and raced home to get Benadr*l in him. He continued to swell and I was worried. I called the pediatrician and she said if he starts having problems breathing call an ambulance. So we waited a while longer and I decided we needed to take him to the ER. We loaded all the kids up in the truck and just as I was getting his seatbelt on he started complaining of something in his throat and doing weird faces. He was spacey too. So we called the ambulance and they took him in. Long story short our boy's little body was reacting to all those stings!  He still has welts from the stings poor little guy! Praise God he is fine and restored back to his old Nolan self. :)
Then the next morning Sean awoke me early to tell me one of our family members was in the hospital due to trying to commit suicide. Sweet Jesus....I am so, so thankful God's hand of protection was upon this precious one and he will be fine. Please join with me in prayer that God will draw this lost lamb close to Himself and pour out love, compassion, grace and mercy abundant. We are praying that the counselors and doctors working with him will help him get to the root and cut it off so that he can walk free all the rest of his life!! God is at work and I praise Him for that!
In the midst of all this, one of our sons has been dealing with some health problems for several months but the pain became unbearable and he finally went to the doctor. After some days of anxiety (mine, not his, LOL!) he went today for further testing and we are rejoicing it is not as serious as thought! He goes back to the doctor next week for the final diagnosis but at this point things are pointing to a serious virus not something more so we praise God for that!
Ah, I'll tell ya, I am so grateful that I serve a God who is with me through it all. He lifts, He guides, He carries me through the storms. I could not imagine life without Him! My emotions, my fears, my doubts may assail me but I know that I am lashed tight to Him and the ground I am on is solid ground. Amen.


Shonni said...

Amen to that last paragraph. I am so sorry of rall these things .

Mama D’s Dozen said...

So sorry for all that you are going through.


Beth E. said...

Oh, my! I'm so glad Nolan is okay! Bee stings can be so dangerous. I'm sorry to hear about your family member attempting suicide. Agreeing in prayer with you for this loved one. Praising God with you that your son's health problems turned out to be minor ones.

Girl, you deserve a break! ;-)

Debbie said...

Praising God that your boys are okay and praying for your family member. Praise God for His covering over us. I'm with you, couldn't live without Him.