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Sticks in the head....

We just finished up learning all about volcanoes in school. It was interesting and even I learned alot from it! I try to incorporate music as much as possible because that seems to help my kids retain things more.  I found these two songs and they were such a hit! Connor loves the bottom one and sings it at the top of his voice....often! LOL! Nolan loves the top one and knows it word by word.

I think they are sad we are moving on to earthquakes and tsunamis. LOL!  It's amazing how much the kids learned. I find that kids are capable of learning great and wonderful things if we let them. When we "dumb-down" or "water-down" topics we are underestimating their God-given abilities! When I would share with Sean what I was planning on teaching them he'd say, isn't that something they are taught in  such and such grade? I don't know, maybe you are expecting too much but I wasn't. They learned and have a working knowledge of volcanoes. Sean was pretty impressed with what they shared during our dinner table conversations!! :) So homeschooling mommas, dream big when you are planning their studies. You may have to go a bit slower and review often but what they can and will learn is exciting!!

Nolan: "Mom I like the word magma."
Me: "Yeah, it's pretty cool huh?"
Nolan: "It's like magma-mi-a!"  LOL!!
Me: "You are such a riot!"
Nolan: "I know and guess what I even like the word spew. Such a little word for such a big job". LOL!!

Oh my goodness, isn't he a riot?! He makes me seriously laugh My precious, precious boy! :)


Debbie said…
I saw this picture this week.

What wonderful encouragement this post is. I've found myself forgetting that Isabel is 4 and can understand so much more than I give her credit it for. I am trying to explain things more, like what an utter is, that was her question today.

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