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Monday, September 3, 2012 2....

Oh my! As most of you know our sweet Samuel isn't yet talking. :(  Of course I understand everything he "says" but not many others do. :) He does some sign language, lots of pointing, and much body language but it works for us. LOL! Anyhow, he was evaluated this past week and it is all good news!! The speech pathologist feels he isn't verbalizing due to that strange object in his mouth. He does verbalize but it's only sounds he can make around the pacifier and because that darn thing has been his best friend for so long unless we remove it he won't be talking anytime soon. SO....we took the plunge and poor Sammy T. has gone cold turkey. He only gets it when he is in his bed to sleep. This is a HUGE step for him because he seriously had it in his mouth 99% of the day. I'm not going to lie I feel bad for him BUT I know that only good can come from it and in the long run it's for his best. The first day was incredibly hard! As any addiction, when you remove it you crave it and you are miserable for a time until your body gets over the withdrawal  symptoms. I know this isn't anywhere near what people addicted to drugs or smoking go through but for Samuel it is just as hard. :( My normally sweet, happy boy is frustrated, angry, crying, fussy, and even aggressive at times. Today, day 2, wasn't much better from day 1 until this evening when he did smile and try to talk a little. So we are making progress! :) Sean is so good about staying strong but honestly, when my babies are hurting it's hard for me to stay focused on the big picture so we've designated a special spot for the beloved paci and since it's on the 3rd floor it won't be as easily available for me to just grab and plug up his crying. LOL! Here's praying that tomorrow is even easier and that paci can be a thing of the past and talking is on it's way in!! :)

Btw, the evaluators were so pleased with his overall development and abilities and pronounced him just fine. Listen, this is beyond great news! God has done the miraculous in our boys life! A family history of mental disability......cancelled! A prognosis for future disability....cancelled!! God is in the healing business!! Do you hear me?! God is in the healing business and He has done great things in Samuel's life!! I am so thankful, so very, very thankful that we said yes to this little precious boy when so many said no! I've felt that all along, it hasn't changed just because of his positive evaluation. He is such a treasure and I love, love, love being his mommy! :)

Truly, he is the icing on our cake! LOL!


Debbie said...

I remember those days very well. And I remember how much Isabel started talking after we dropped the paci. She was dependent too and I just had to go complete cold turkey from day one to get rid of it. Threw all but one (hid it well) out so I couldn't cheat. Praying each day is a little bit easier on his withdrawal.
Praise God for the positive evaluation!!!

lolet said...

your blog is so cute!

Denise said...

Poor baby! It really is so hard. We went through it with our oldest, and it broke this mama's heart! He, too, was miserable and aggressive. I'll pray for sweet Samuel (and for his mommy!).

Praising God along with you for his medical reports!!!

Oh, and BTW, you look great!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Rejoicing with you over the medical report.