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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back into the swing of things...

The day before the big sickness hit we took the little's ice skating at a local lake. Well, they just wore their boots but to them it was ice skating. LOL! The lake was crowded with others playing ice hockey (with goals and curbs and everything!) and ice skaters, ice fishermen, and even dads pushing their kids on an aluminium leg chair across the lake. :) Our kids had fun but something was "off" with them which of course now I know it was the flu catching up to them! :(

The next morning I had 4 out of 5 with fevers and yuck! The fevers were way too high for my nerves (we had 1 hit 105+!) It wasn't long before the living room became our sick bay. Kyalynn came late to the party and it didn't hit her hard until Wednesday am but it knocked the wind out of her sails! We are all on the mend, Thank God! but it was a v-e-r-y long week. We still have the coughing, runny nose and sinus headache and poor Sammy T. has spent more time sleeping than ever but at least we are getting better each day. Thank you for your prayers! 

Monday found us getting back into the swing of things again with picking school back up and me actually cooking a meal. (My wonderful man took such great care of all of us last week, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning up after us). Thanks babe!! You're the BEST!

Sunday night we were able to talk with Ryan for a bit before his phone cut us off, so that was a nice blessing. I miss that boy something fierce but I LOVE hearing how God is working and moving in his life and hearing his voice is like a balm to my heart. :)