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Facebook and blogging...

Hey friends I am so sorry I was non-existent there for a bit.  I actually was hit with the flu bug a second time about 3 days after I thought I was on the upswing. The second time was worse with me losing my voice for several days and my throat was very sore for way too long! However, I do believe I am over all that now and am so ready to tie on my running shoes and go. BUT it keeps snowing here! UGH! Spring, spring, wherefore art thou oh spring?? :)

Now about f* is just so much easier for me to jump on there and  post a quick sentence or two and then I forget I didn't blog about any of it here which means, I will not remember any of it. LOL! This blog helps me to remember all that I forget month to month, year to year. So....trying to get back into the swing of it.

Some of the bullet points are that Kyalynn learned how to do addition with regrouping and is doing so great with it. Today, we worked on subtraction with borrowing. By the time we were done she had it down but whatever you do, don't use the word borrowing. For some reason, every time I'd say that word she'd start saying, "No, no borrowing." Then she'd cross her little arms and make a pouty face. LOL! However, she did the problems on her own and had them all correct. You go girl! :)

Gabriella is reading! She's been desperate to read for like forever and finally it all clicked and my baby girl is reading all by herself! She is so cute with her little raspy voice reading aloud to herself. I am using the McGuffey Reader Primer for her and she loves it! She especially loves the pictures of the girls with their big hats and dresses.

Connor has been really working hard in school and his hard work is paying off. I am very pleased with how well he is doing. It helps that he is taking initiative and doesn't need me at his side all the time so I can focus more on the girls and their schooling especially now when they are needing the extra help.

Nolan is a little sponge. Soaking up everything he hears as he plays beside us. We are learning the 50 states and when I ask questions often he blurts out the answers which doesn't make Gabi happy. LOL! She wants to answer all the questions. :)

As you know, Samuel LOVES road construction vehicles. So after almost wearing out his one DVD we bought him a package which I highly recommend if you have boys that love trucks! The package came with a CD of songs, 2 DVDs and a t-shirt with the 20 trucks on it. All the kids love it as much as Sam. The songs are educational teaching you about each truck and it's parts and what their job is. Here is the website and it has sample videos/songs on it which he loved that's why we purchased the package. {I'm not getting anything to promote this product except pure joy from my truck-fanatic little man!}

Our son, Ryan, who is stationed in Korea with the Army was chosen to compete for a slot in a special school. There were 24 competing for 4 slots. He got in and is ecstatic! His school starts this coming Monday and is a very intense 10 days of hands-on learning. If you were to keep him in prayer I know he'd really appreciate it. Sean and I have watched videos of these different schools to learn specialized skills and they require you to dig deep and keep your eyes on the goal to finish strong. I know he will do great because he and God make such a great team! :)

Guess that's all the latest here. Hope you are all doing well. Leave me some comment love....:)


Deb said…
I had the same realization about facebook not too long ago. Trying to get back in to blogging more myself.

Glad you are doing better. So nice to read all the updates.

Exciting news for Ryan. Will keep him in my prayers.
LaKenya said…
Hi Lisa,
I also had the flu in September, which led to bronchitis issues, upper respiratory infection and the like. I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm feeling much better also. It was good reading the updates. I am back on my mission to blogging. Take care and I hope Spring comes soon!
Stay blessed,

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