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Do you know Love??

Photo credit MiekoSmith


Guess who had a birthday?  That's right, Mr. Sammy-T!  My sweet boy is 3 years old.  Just look at this child....SO HANDSOME! 

And look at his amazing cake!

My precious daughter-in-law has soooo much talent and she had been planning this cake for him for quite some time. Not only was it great to look at but it tasted divine too! It took us all of a hot second to obliterate the whole thing. LOL!  
Next birthday?? Gabi-girl and trust me she has plans.....LOL! 


Gosh, life is crazy isn't it?! I really want to come on here and type something light and fun but I just can't muster it up. My heart still isn't feeling it. Although this has been a heart-rendering time God has also been so faithful to bring good from it as well. I just love that about Him! :) 

Death is not the end, it's only the beginning....this is true but for those of us left behind the pain of losing the one you loved and seeing the immediate future without's overwhelming and certainly feels like "the end" more than "the beginning". 

You never realize how many lives you touch and impact just by living. You don't have to be a rock star or a millionaire. Just be you and live life fully. 

On that note, why do we wait until someone dies to share what they have meant to us or how they have touched us?? People, we need to bless and encourage and uplift That person may not think they are doing anything good in this wo…

No Words...

Our family has sustained an incalculable loss. A tragic event has taken my father-in-law from us way too early. We are all reeling and honestly, I know life will go on around here, but it will never, ever be the same. These past four days have been the hardest of my life. My mother-in-law is with us and we are trying to love on her as best as we can (I'm probably smothering her to be truthful). I just can't wrap my brain around what the future looks like for all of us without him here, what it looks like for her losing her best friend of 30 years!

He was my biggest encourager, always asking when I was writing my next book and diligently telling everyone about my books and our family.
When I had to tell the children their beloved grandpa was words to describe it.  When Kyalynn keeps asking "where's grandpa?" because grandma is here and they were always breaks my heart all over again. Having to tell Ryan and not being there to comfort him.…