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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Guess who had a birthday?
 That's right, Mr. Sammy-T! 
My sweet boy is 3 years old. 
Just look at this child....SO HANDSOME! 

And look at his amazing cake!

 My precious daughter-in-law has soooo much talent and she had been planning this cake for him for quite some time. Not only was it great to look at but it tasted divine too! It took us all of a hot second to obliterate the whole thing. LOL!  

Next birthday?? Gabi-girl and trust me she has plans.....LOL! 


Denise said...

I thought of your little cutie yesterday. I never forget his birthday. :) Happiest Birthday to the most adorable little three-year-old ever!

Jenny Sorge said...

OH...look at that smile!!! SO sweet!! I hope he had a great one!! (How are you?? I'd love to hear from you when you get the chance :)