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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Too Quiet...Here's a Catch-up....

Although this blog has been quiet it has been anything but quiet at our house. LOL! In fact, as I type I have 2 small boys bouncing a ball together in the kitchen and laughing hysterically all the while there's me saying "Shhhh, it's quiet time". HA! They don't care they are all boy!!

We've had the wonderful joy of skyping with our son, Ryan, in Korea, 2 weekends in a row!! Woo Hoo!! That is certainly one of those times that make me so thankful for technology. Ryan really loves Korea - the people, the culture, the food! He's even picked up the Hangul language quite well and is the resident "speaker" to taxi drivers and at restaurants. We hope to have him home for a visit sometime in October. It will be so good to hug my boy!!

I've been enjoying helping with the special needs ministry thru our church. They have a therapeutic riding ministry and I've been so blessed to meet, encourage and spend time with these precious treasures each week! I'm a sidewalker which means I walk beside the horse and watch that the child/adult feels and stays safe.

We start school next week and I've been busy preparing and gearing up. The kids are excited to start so that's always a plus. :) Now if I can just figure out how to contain little Sammy-T while we do school.....

Speaking of Sammy T, we had him evaluated last week. He still isn't talking and we were getting concerned. His pediatrician wasn't concerned and when he was evaluated last year by the county they said they had no concerns either but something just seemed odd. So I was a little shocked by the outcome. We went thinking it was a speech disorder and that he'd need speech therapy (which he will!) but came out with the awareness that our boy most likely has autism. :( You'd think I'd be able to deal easily with this as this will be our 3rd child diagnosed on the autism spectrum but I'm not going to lie, it's been hard to process. Now as we look back we see the tell-tale signs but I guess we were in denial.....Our sweet boy is all love when he is happy but when he isn't.....WATCH OUT! Oye! He has some terrible rages which usually contain aggression which I hate but we are working on it and I do see progress (eeny weeny steps). We can do ALL things with Christ, right?! Sammy T is STILL Sammy T and we love him IMMEASURABLY!!  My life may just look a little (or ALOT) different than most but it's still blessed! :)

 Our summer has been full of good times, great memories and family. We still have several things on our "bucket list" to accomplish: camping, talent show, the beach, hiking. Our resident calendar (Kyalynn) keeps us informed of what is coming up and whose birthday is next. LOL!

P.S. As I am typing this Nolan Elijah continues to talk to me NON-STOP! LOL! So if my writing doesn't make sense that's why. :)