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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where Are You?!

Many years ago a man had heart surgery and during recovery told how he had an unforgettable dream.
  In utter despair, he cried out to god in anguish, "God, where are you?" 
In answer to his question, a gigantic figure appeared. 
The figure was holding someone. 
The man moved closer to see who. 
As he did, he recognized that the tiny figure in the lap of this gigantic figure
 was himself being held by God.
 The man then heard a voice:
Son, it's not where I am that matters. It's where you are.

We are in the embrace of God. He always has a hold on us. 
So many things in this life will threaten to undo us, 
but when everything seems to be crashing around you, 
remember that you, too, are in God's embrace.

~Lisa Osteen Comes ~ You Are Made for More!


Denise said...

Love this. Very timely.