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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

24 Years...

It's hard to believe that today marks Sean and I's 24th Anniversary! I just don't feel that old. LOL! But then again, we did start young...very young. I was a tender 17 and Sean was 20 when we committed our hearts and souls to one another. BEST decision I've ever made next to my salvation!! This man...where do I even begin?? 
He has been my best friend for 27 years. We've weathered many storms side by side and there is no other place I'd want to be. He is strong, solid, loyal, quiet, fiercely committed to God and us (in that order!) and although he isn't a funny guy our kids think he is hysterical! LOL! He is the absolute BEST FATHER EVER and I don't say that lightly.  Here's to the long talks, the hilarious ideas you've allowed me to pull off (birthday, anniversary and just because parties spur of the moment), big dreams, laughter and tears, and most important....7 amazing, God-given treasures that fill our days to overflowing. Thank you Sean for loving me, loving our children, loving our families....well!! You are truly the very best!! 



-stephanie- said...

Awesome. Happy Anniversary.

Shonni said...

Happy Anniversary. Such cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. I am new to your blog. Beautiful family. A special thanks to Ryan for serving his country. God bless you all