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Now she's....

Can hardly believe our precious, tiny, happy girl is 11 years old!
 She's the first one home and I have no doubt that her contagious joy 
helped propel us on to adopt 4 more times. :) 

She is a lover of all things but especially birthdays! If she hears it's someones' birthday she gets so excited and plans to be at their party even if she wasn't invited. LOL! She's been diligently reminding us sometimes that her birthday was coming up. There were only two things she wanted.....a Veggie Tales Lord of the Beans dvd and a harp. Yes, you read that right....a harp! Oh my, this girl is a big dreamer but that's better than not dreaming at all! :) So Sean and I set our brains to thinking how we could pull this off for our girl and my man came through!! Check out this beautiful harp he threw together. 

And it's the perfect size for her and even plays music! Sweet! Kyalynn was thrilled and is so cute playing her harp. She also scored a microphone from her grandparents so she is all set up now. Keep your ears open you might be hearing this precious one on the radio someday!!  

Happy, happy birthday sweet Kyalynn!!


-stephanie- said…
11?!! Oh my, how does this happen?

Happy Birthday sweet girl. I'm sure your harp music will be sweet to God's ears.
Denise said…
What a sweetie...a grown up sweetie, no less! Happy Birthday, Kyalynn! The harp is gorgeous and it's the perfect size. That last picture is so cute; I love Nolan's big smile!
Jonh Bananas said…
Really nice family! God bless you
Anonymous said…
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