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Monday, December 30, 2013

K-5 Review

K5 Learning - Main Logo 400 px

I was asked to review this wonderful program and in exchange received a free trial period for each of my children. The website is easy to navigate and very engaging with lots of color and fun graphics. My children were drawn to it right away. Let me tell you what this program entails....

K-5 is an online reading and math program for children grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. It's to help build fluency and understanding in a fun way for kids through engaging games and stories. To begin, your child takes an online assessment which will help place your child in the correct area which will challenge them and help them grow in their knowledge and abilities. After taking the "test" your child is then free to begin learning. There are over 3,000 lessons and activities and with it being so child-friendly these lessons can be completed independently even for a child as young as 4-5!  The best part is that their work and progress is tracked and sent to you, the parent, in a report so you can know how well they are doing. Another very important element is the child safety factor. This program has no external links, no advertising and no chat which means your child can play and learn safely and that certainly gives us parents a sigh of relief! :) 

Go check out the website and sign up for a free trail. I feel confident you and your children will be happy you did!!