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Friday, April 25, 2014

Pictures are worth a thousand words.....

Some highlights from the last few months.....

Our boy home on leave for 2 weeks! Be still my heart. You can't imagine what it was like to lay eyes on him after 15 months apart (unless you love someone who serves). He's so grown up and yet still my boy. :) He brought his girlfriend along and although we had met through Skype several times it was like she just fit perfectly into our lives. Love her!! Praying she becomes a Lease someday. :) 

We were able to celebrate Ryan's 20th birthday together. All the kids made him lots and lots of cards, birthday crown, and homemade gifts. He felt so loved! :) 

It didn't take long for the kids to coerce Michelle into reading to them. One of their favorite pastimes. 

Ryan the human jungle gym! 

All of us together!

My guys....well some of them....:)

Samuel, our resident firefighter. Cutest one EVER!

Samuel's 4th birthday celebration....

My tower of summer clothes to sort though....alot of work but so thankful for the blessing of hand-me-downs....

My amazingly wonderful man working hard bringing down the clothes containers and then putting them back up when I had them sorted.

Our resident fairy princess.....

Uh oh! Random chicken jumping on our trampoline :)

A load of blessings!!

Gabriella's birthday picnic....unfortunately this was in-between major flu sickness that ran rampant through our family for several L-O-N-G weeks. 

Kyalynn sportin' a look. :)

My biggest boys and their ladies. 


Deb said...

So happy your boy is home!! Can't imagine how hard it has been.
Love all the pictures. The chicken on the trampoline made me laugh.