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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ah God....You AMAZE me!!

I'm telling you when you are living life with a Big God crazy things happen! So ya gotta hear this....
For the last little while I've been asking Sean if he could take the two beds in the little boys' room and make them into a bunkbed. The room is very small and the beds left little room for anything else. I've had their dressers in the closet otherwise they wouldn't fit. Now I'm kind of an odd duck. LOL! I don't just like normal (obviously! Ha!) I had envisioned a bunkbed in an T shape. Our roof is a gambrel style roof (think barn roof) so the beams take up significant space as well. Sean said he'd think about it and just a day or so before God's intervention I had asked again but he said he'd have to do alot of reworking of the beds to make sure they were safe, etc. Ok, now fast forward to that Monday. We had to take our sweet Kyalynn for testing in Wyomissing, PA which is quite a haul from our house. Sean took the day off and we all headed at for a very L-O-N-G and painful day for Kyalynn. :( As we were on the way home we decided we'd stop for chinese food and eat it at home but the kids asked for Chik-Fil-A which is a real treat for us when we get it! So we saw one and stopped. As we were in the line ordering Sean was approached by a lady and she asked him if he would like a bunkbed!!!
So he leans down to me and says "Lisa, this lady wants to know if we want a bunkbed." Long story short we spoke with her and she said she'd send us a picture. As we drove home I received the pictures and you are NOT going to believe was the exact type I was wanting!! A  T-shape bunkbed! 
Why, oh why am I still surprised by how God works??
The other amazing thing about this story, besides being incredibly blessed by this precious family, is that this set came with a desk and dresser.  So we were able to use that dresser and drawers for the little boys and then we took their two dressers and passed them on to Gabriella and Connor who haven't had their own dressers. Not only do the boys have this amazing bunkbed set but they also have room in their bedroom to play! I think you can tell from the pictures that Samuel T. and Nolan were beyond EXCITED! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kathy, David and family for being the hands and feet of Jesus to us and blessing us INCREDIBLY!! 


-stephanie- said...

What a wonderful gift from God. I love to hear about answered prayers. They sure look like they are enjoying their new beds. :-)

God bless you and your family.

acceptance with joy said...

what an amazing story!!! Bless the Lord who loves to give His children good gifts!