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Friday, June 6, 2014

A few of my favorite things....:)

A constant flow of flowers from my children. 

I LOVE Friday nights! That's Gabriella's night to help with supper and we always have pizza. She has it down and can do every step all by herself! Which means I can just sit back and relax for a bit. :)

I just LOVE this face! Skyping with our boy in Korea. Love him!!

Flowers from my boy in Korea. Left me in happy tears.....

Kyalynn and Samuel cooking up some tasty spaghetti and meatballs for supper. 

My crew celebrating the finishing of this deck. They were very helpful carrying lumber, cleaning up cut-off pieces and stacking campfire wood. This is a cabin my parents are caretakers of for the Appalachian Trail. It's very rustic with no water or electricity and an outhouse. Plus you have to hike back 2 miles on foot carrying all of your supplies. BUT it is rented near every weekend! So we had one week to rip off the old deck and build the new one. We did it (well, my dad did most of the work but we did help. LOL!) 

I just thought this was a cute picture! :)

A view of our backyard. I sent this to Ryan in Korea and made him a bit homesick....:(


Denise said...

I love these pictures! :)