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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Korean Dollbaby....

So I said months and months ago I would begin updating on how each child is growing and becoming the beautiful people God created them to be. I've decided to go oldest to youngest so up first it Miss Kyalynn. :) 
My precious much like her momma! Very independent and capable (Sean says stubborn!) and doesn't let grass grow under her feet. LOL! 
When Kyalynn came home at 15 1/2 months she stole everyone's heart! Such a tiny, irresistible bundle of joy.  Although she's finally growing and is wearing size 8's she is still my irresistible bundle of joy! You will notice immediately that Kyalynn sings all the time. This girl can belt out Mandisa like nobody's business and not miss one word. I call her our resident DJ because she knows every song and who the singer is. She LOVES music. I believe it flows in her veins! She loves any instrument but prefers her little keyboard most of the time. She is also our reader. She LOVES books! Any book, any size, any content she will inhale. :) She usually has a stack of about 10 books with her at all times. She is a good multitasker, reading her books, listening to the radio and keeping a close eye on the going-ons of her siblings. LOL!  Just recently she's really taken an interest in writing stories. She writes pages and then brings them to me so I can read them. Usually I tell her to read them to me because although she is finally able to write legibly her writing isn't fluid. Hmm, let's see if I can explain it.....her communication and her writing are the same. She doesn't use full, flowing sentences. So if she wanted to tell me about finding the lost treasure she'd say "mommy, find it, lost treasure." Or "mommy, can I tea party?" or one more, "mommy, ouch, knee, hurts." So that's how her stories read. Of course, I think they and most importantly, she, is practically perfect in every way! :) Now, sometimes she will surprise us with a very good, fluid sentence but I've learned to understand and read between the missing words. :) She is my animal lover and whenever I can't find her I just look at the chicken coop and there she will be feeding those blasted chickens bugs and worms. LOL! Spoiled chickens!! Kyalynn is quite content playing on her own mostly but when she does play with the others she is the one in charge. She comes up with the scenario and what each person is going to do and say and they'd better follow it to a T or she will let them know. LOL! She LOVES to swim. She could spend hours and hours in the pool happily swimming around . Today she was pretending she was Turtlegirl rescuing us from the crocodiles and octopus. :) My baby is growing up so fast. It's hard to believe she will be 12 this year! I am SO PROUD of how far she has come. To think back to her not even being able to talk (except echo) until she was almost 5 and the screaming fits we endured.....although we still have alot to work on and through she has come so very far, thank you Lord! I love my girl. She says to me tonight, "I love you", "You beautiful". Awww....I've told her that and used sign language to speak it so many, many times all these years it's wonderful to hear her say it back to me. My precious, precious honored to be her momma!!


Denise said...

This is so beautiful, Lisa! What a wonderful idea (that I just may have to borrow! lol). I only know your children since the time I "met" you on your blog, so it's nice to hear their whole story from the beginning. I always talk about your handsome little boys, but Kyalynn is a treasure, that's for sure. Anyone who can belt out Mandisa is okay in my book! ;)

Looking forward to the other children's updates...