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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Knee Mail....

This is Connor, age 11. He came home at 2 1/2 years old from Korea. Many longtime readers know our story about how naive we were. Ha! That's an understatement! On paper, Connor had some big issues but we thought he would come home and our love and devotion would "fix" all of it. Whew! Were we in for a ride! LOL!  
Connor has come a long way from where he started and truthfully, so have I! He has been the impetus to grow my faith and knee mail (praying) is a moment by moment occurrence for me as I learn to deal with the issues that continue to surface day after day after day.
I have no idea what God has planned for his life but I believe with all I am it will be good! Gods' word promises it and that's what I cling to. The HOPE that what God has begun He will finish. Hallelujah! 

Connor loves to read and sing. He also loves to do school and math is his favorite subject. He is a big help with Samuel, playing ball with him, or putting his shoes on for me if I am busy doing something else. He and Samuel have just made up a new handshake and love to show it to everybody. He also gets so excited if Samuel can approximate a new word and will try to have Samuel repeat it to me. :)

 Connor is an excellent encourager. Always cheering his siblings on and building them up.  He also has the best reactions when he is excited and will thank us repeatedly for even simple things like "thanks mom for the haircut" or "thanks for planning school".  He is trying really hard to be all God has created him to be and we are praying that he feels the love and devotion of all of us as he continues each day to take the forward steps and most importantly, those backward ones as well.

As Connor would say, "you're doing a great job" and I pray that's exactly what Christ will say to me someday.  


Denise said...

You really inspire me, Lisa! Thank you for that. I love the way you see the good in Connor, and, at least in my experience with my son, there are days when that's not easy to do! :) Connor is very blessed to have you as his mom.