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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My lil' Diva....

 Miss G.....  :)

Our little Gabriella came home at 18 months. She had lived most of her life in the hospital due to her "complicated health". The doctors had changed her diagnoses several times but just weren't able to nail it down completely while in Korea but had started her on medicine that was helping her. Enter us....medically naive....! Of course we had done our homework and had researched and talked to doctors, specialists and even a doctor who specialized in internationally adopted children with major health concerns. For the most part, across the board, they all agreed that her health would improve upon getting the medication and medical care provided here in the states. (But for the record, I believe Korea's health system is very good and I believe they were on the right path).  So we brought this cherub home and immediately her pediatrician took her off all her medication so he could see if her diagnosis was correct. Ack! Word to the not a good idea! It was such a hard transition for her and us. She literally screamed....not cried....SCREAMED! for the first 6 months here. The dr. performed lots of tests as quickly as he could and found that yes she did need medicine and so she was started back on slowly. It took months for her body to adjust and hence all the screaming. It was a very long 6 months.  BUT it was on a short vacation to the beach that all of a sudden she woke up and didn't scream. We held our breath, was this real?! But yes it was. Our girl finally was feeling good enough she didn't need to scream. Of course, I believe everything is better at the beach and apparently she felt the same way too. LOL! 

Her health has been a series of highs and lows. She's been hospitalized several times. She's had back to back to back seizures that scared me senseless. She's had periods where her fingers and toes lock up and it looks like rigormortis. (Sp?)  She's had several operations. She has to get bloodwork done monthly. She has to take lots of  "yucky medicine" a couple times a day. She sees many specialists. However, through all of it, she has been such a brave trooper. Certainly braver than I would be! We have great doctors, specialists and a hospital that goes the extra mile for her which I am so, so thankful for. 

Now let me tell you the good stuff about this precious diva. She is ALL about the bling. LOL! She loves jewelry, dressing up and anything glittery, sparkly or light-up. Especially if it's PINK! :) She is such a hard worker and excellent helper. She loves to cook and bake and be in the kitchen. In fact, she spends hours playing outside making mud pies, dirt cakes, and her newest creation, larva fish sticks. Mmmm, yummy? LOL! She loves tea parties, fingernail polish, and having her hair in piggy tales. She loves dresses of all shapes, sizes and colors. She prefers to wear dresses but will resort to shorts or pants if no dresses are clean. She loves to read and math is one of her favorite subjects in school. Although, she likes "all of them". She is my Bible whiz and is so good at grasping biblical concepts even at this young age of 9. She is always the first one to step in to carry something, help someone, or do the work that's needs done. Truthfully, sometimes I have to stop her so others can learn the concept of hard work. :) 

She is an amazing little girl. She giggles easily and always has something to say. LOL! I'm so very thankful God chose us, as naive and green as we were, to get to spend our days loving this beautiful daughter!