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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Sunshine....

Nolan Elijah....
oh my, words fail me....
this little guy is a pocketful of joy!
 He exemplifies it! 
I am so, so thankful God chose me to be his momma! 
Truthfully, he helps keep me sane most days. :) 

 There is not a day goes by that isn't filled with his laughter,
 his smile and his exuberant life! Thank you Lord!

He is all about family. He loves, loves, loves his family and loves having  fun with his family.

Nolan is 6 years old. He has this adorable New England accent which we've no clue how he acquired but trust's A.DOR.A.BLE :)
He loves trucks, playing board games and riding his bike. In fact, just recently he has begun ramping his bike and doing mini-wheelies. OYE! Reminds me of his biggest brothers and their crazy, skateboarding tricks. :) 
He is an awesome brother always looking out for Sammy T! He's also been our "resident translator" when we can't figure out what Sam is trying to say. He is kind, compassionate, giving and very athletic. 
However, he also likes to win and can be quite dramatic when he doesn't come in first place. He has quite an engineering mind and is constantly building or coming up with ideas to make the world a better place. :)
He doesn't really like school. Wait, that's not quite right, he likes school but "only the fun parts". LOL! He loves crafts, art, music, writing in his journal, and Bible time but the rest he could gladly do without.  He is very good at math and already an excellent reader but the having to sit still and do it part is the part he doesn't like. :) 
Nolan also loves banging the drums, strumming the guitar and singing. I think he may possibly be a future worship leader.......time will tell. :)
Love my lil' sunshine so very much!