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Winding Down....

Here on the Mountaintop summer is officially winding down. Already we have leaves changing into  crimson reds and golden yellows. Nights are crisp, days are cool. As we took our walk today there were so many leaves covering the ground it made me a little bit sad to see the warmth and relaxation of summer ebbing away. However, the weather is perfect now for long walks, campfires, and swinging on the porch swing sipping a cup of joe. :) I'm thankful for each and every day, each and every season the Good Lord blesses me with! This has been an incredibly hard 2 years with losing so many wonderful friends and family to the sting of death. So yes, I am trying to appreciate life more, stress less (long way to go on this one!), and love harder.
Recently, our neighbors offered our family free tickets to attend the local theater. How blessed and thrilled we were to see Godspell! It was the first time the little's have been to a theater and they were spellbound. LOL! 

We also snuck in one …