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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Winding Down....

Here on the Mountaintop summer is officially winding down. Already we have leaves changing into  crimson reds and golden yellows. Nights are crisp, days are cool. As we took our walk today there were so many leaves covering the ground it made me a little bit sad to see the warmth and relaxation of summer ebbing away. However, the weather is perfect now for long walks, campfires, and swinging on the porch swing sipping a cup of joe. :) I'm thankful for each and every day, each and every season the Good Lord blesses me with! This has been an incredibly hard 2 years with losing so many wonderful friends and family to the sting of death. So yes, I am trying to appreciate life more, stress less (long way to go on this one!), and love harder.

Recently, our neighbors offered our family free tickets to attend the local theater. How blessed and thrilled we were to see Godspell! It was the first time the little's have been to a theater and they were spellbound. LOL! 

We also snuck in one last day trip to the beach. It makes for an incredibly long day for mom and dad but it's so worth it to see our babes laughing and playing in the surf together. The water was icy but that didn't stop 4 out of the 5. Samuel and daddy didn't venture in but the others went all in and froze! LOL! We also took the kids to the ride section on the boardwalk. First time ever that we left them ride a couple of rides. I think they were more excited about the rides than the beach! :) We started off on the Merry Go Round just to see how everyone would do. Samuel was NOT happy. He and Kyalynn have lots of sensory issues and as much as they wanted to enjoy the rides I think it was just too much for them. Nolan LOVED the rides and could have rode all day. Same with Connor and Gabriella. They are already talking about going next year. :)

Samuel and Nolan love trucks. Especially Monster Trucks!! So when we heard about a local Monster Truck show we knew they would love it. The best part was kids under 12 were free. Score!! :) They actually had a Monster Truck that was equipped with seats in the bed and they gave rides. I begged Sean to let Sam and Nolan do it and of course everyone wanted to do it too but in the end Samuel would not go. So Sean took the rest and they had a blast! The truck actually took them over smashed cars and over a ramp. How cool is that?! So worth the money in my book. :)

We started back to school the beginning of August and things are going good. I'm still tweaking our schedule and plans but honestly, I do that all year long. Just when I get it right school's over! LOL! 

I love living on the Mountaintop as nature surrounds us. We have wild turkeys that mosey across our yard, all kinds of butterflies, insects and bugs. Frogs, toads, crickets, grasshoppers and skinks galore. Just a week ago my husband and Samuel saw a black bear not far from our home just sitting in the woods eyeing them up. We think he was stocking up on the wild huckleberries before he goes off to bed for the winter. :) I tend to keep looking behind me now as we take our walks just to make sure there is no friendly neighborhood bears following along too. :)