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Just because....:)

Just because I know y'all are tired of looking at that pic of me and my man and needed some sweet cuteness instead. :)  My babes enduring me taking some pictures.  NOT their favorite thing. LOL!

Sweet cuteness indeed!!

A Quarter of a Century....

Sean and I recently celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary! How extremely grateful I am that God brought this amazing man into my life all those years ago! We surely had no idea the journey God would take us on and what He would teach us through each day, which is probably a good thing. LOL! I could say huge volumes about this man but I will just say this one thing....he is truly my very best friend (next to Jesus!).  
For years we have been saying we would do a big adventure on our 20th - which we did- we flew to Kansas to pick up Samuel and flew home the next day! :) So when my man began talking about getting away for this big one I was hesitant but when he talked about flying out of country I became concerned! Of course the idea of having him all to myself sounded divine BUT having 5 small children, 4 of which have significant special needs, throws quite a wrench in things. LOL! We planned the trip but to be honest, I did call to cancel but my sweet travel agent who knew our story …