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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ah, the beauty....

The beauty of God's creation surrounds me....when I look into these precious faces, when we hike a trail through the woods, when I hear the giggles and belly laughs that resonate from "someone being silly" I stand back amazed that this is MY life! I am truly blessed beyond measure.....

One of our many hikes in the great outdoors....

This sweet jewel just had a birthday! She is growing into such a beautiful little lady...

Our son Ryan stationed in Korea with his beautiful girlfriend, Michelle.  Aren't they adorable?!

Our second snow of the season. Enough to make 
snow angels and snowmen. Kids were so happy!

My little baking helpers making cupcakes.

Turkey cupcakes!!

Samuel being his usual silly self. He is so funny and
 loves to make his brothers and sisters laugh.

Nolan showing off his creations.

Connor's turkeys.

Gabriella all smiles.

And back for another year is......Ginger! She is my version of elf on the shelf. I have her doing fun things each morning when the kids wake up. They love it and try to be the first one downstairs to see what she's doing. LOL! She made her appearance this year by parachuting in. :)

Then she was playing the drums....

And this is what they will see tomorrow. :)

Silly fun that I hope makes memories that they will look back fondly on. I love when our whole family gets together and remembers the crazy, silly, fun stuff we've done over the years. I especially love to hear my two biggest boys talking about the fun they had growing up. Warms my heart. :)