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Friday, March 20, 2015

Home Ec....

My kids love to help in the kitchen. 
They each have one night a week they help with dinner. 
In fact, Gabriella has become such a pro on Friday nights that she makes the homemade pizza all on her own! YAY!! :)
I decided to do a concentrated study on nutrition with the kids. 
It was so eye-opening to them and myself! We actually spent time discussing the ingredients in some of their favorite foods. They learned to identify the real stuff from the fake. They are able to look at the ingredient list and tell right away if this is something we should be eating or avoiding, and believe me, they are quick to tell me how many sugar grams are in a product! LOL! 
Of  course we needed to include cooking and baking in this study (mom says with chagrin). 
It's not the actual cooking and baking that I mind, 
it's the terrible mess 5 little ones can make! 
Anyhow, some of our favorite things we made were: cinnamon sugar snowflakes, the BEST banana bread I have ever eaten!, soft pretzels, homemade goldfish (except we used a shamrock cookie cutter). 
They are still talking about it and "can't wait to do it again". 

Kyalynn with her snowflakes

Nolan sportin' his smile and shirt on backwards and inside out... LOL!

Gabriella's masterpieces

Connor's yummy products

Homemade shamrock crackers

Teamwork on the pretzels 

Rolling, rolling, rolling