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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My girl.....My girl...

I was blessed this Christmas to receive a wonderful puzzle from my Nolan.  He knows I love puzzles and I do but.....this one was just way too hard for my brain. LOL! It's all camo! So my sweet Kyalynn took over. She worked and worked and worked on it for many, many weeks until one day I heard "I did it! Mommy I done!" And low and behold she had put together for the first time ever, not only a 300 piece puzzle but also a camouflaged one to boot! Way to go Kyalynn! 
You ROCK! :)

P.S. She is currently at work on her newest puzzle...1,000 pieces. Another one that just has so many like colors that it hurts my brain. She has quite a bit of it together already. Oh and that is after we've had balls, heads, bodies, books, you name it, crashed into the puzzle board while Miss Kyalynn is working away on it. Usually she will say, "Oh, sorry" and just continue working. LOL! 

P.P.S. After she completed the Duck Dynasty puzzle Sean glued it together and it now stands in Kyalynn's bedroom. :)