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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wearing the tires off...

Once upon a time there were these two little boys. 
These boys loved to be outside and spent hours upon hours 
riding their big wheels up and down the driveway.  
They fly down the drive at the speed of light, their laughter echoing against the trees.
They have become so skilled that now they will spin donuts at the end. 
Be still my rapidly beating momma's heart 
as I scurry behind them screaming "BE CAREFUL!" :)

These two boys climb off and race back to the top to do it all over again. 
They have literally worn the tires off of their beloved "cycles". 
Of the 3 we own every single one of them have been rode hard. 
Tires are worn off, or have whole parts missing.
Doesn't stop these boys!
It just makes them giggle harder as they bumpity-bump down the road. :)

As I mentioned we had one good day where we could actually see the black of our driveway
and they were so excited. However, even when the driveway was covered in snow and yes, even ice!
you could still find them barreling down the drive on their "cycles". 

We are excited for the yard sales to start up so we can go looking for some gently used ones. 
There are two boys needing a new "ride".  :)


-stephanie- said...

Oh my, their smiles melt my heart.