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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Ah's been full of snow, ice, snow, more ice, oh and yes, more snow! LOL! Today was the first day we've been able to see the blacktop of our driveway for MONTHS! I kid you not! And as I type we have another big storm rolling in calling for upwards of 6" of snow. Goodbye was good to see you for a bit. :) 
We are thanking God that we have the mountain taxi with chains to get us up and down the driveway otherwise it would be a VERY LONG WINTER! 

The kids sledding trail froze over and they loved being able to slide fast without sleds! 
Oh and yes, I am one of those worried moms that make my children wear helmets to sled.
Actually...this sounds crazy but they were even wearing helmets to just be outside because it was so darn icy! It's a good thing too because we had several slips resulting in helmets hitting the ground. Much better than little heads! :0)

Kyalynn loves the trampoline!

A winter walk at the State Park. Cold and deserted but beautiful just the same.

Do you think Samuel has a big personality?! Really? What makes you say that?! LOL!

Nolan counting money and change. 
This little man is doing amazing with his schooling! 

The other 3 amigos working hard at school. :)
 We are rolling right along and they are all doing well.

One of their favorite parts is for me to start a story by writing the first line or two and have them finish it. They love to write! It's fun hearing their very different takes on the same story.