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Monday, April 20, 2015

Why I took my kids to a Peep Show....

Because I heard it was so neat! Don't worry it was G-rated! LOL! The premise of this show was that all the creations had to be made from marshmallow peeps or bunnies. It was actually pretty cool to see the creativity of these exhibits.  Individuals, companies and groups of all sorts entered to win. The creations varied incredibly from a life-sized Goofy to a miniature town complete with people and cars. Some of the stuff was really out a toilet with a flush handle. LOL! 
It was interesting and worth the drive. Samuel however, did NOT think so. It was a long drive to get there and then he had to be relatively still because we didn't want to knock any creation over and it was very crowded the day we went. And besides, to Samuel, you see one peep, you've seen them all. Who cares if they look like Dumbo?! LOL! Hence the picture below with his grumpy face. :)


-stephanie- said...

What a cute idea. I would have loved to see this.
Poor Samuel. :-)