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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a circus around here!

For Mother's Day this year my little's put on a circus for me. They planned it all out all by themselves. They were so excited! Here they are in their "circus attire".

Nolan and Samuel were clowns....who would have guessed?! LOL! They ran around chasing each other, falling down and doing funny stunts. It was a hoot! :)

Gabriella had Hezekiah doing doggy stunts. Way to go you two!

Connor walked his version of a tightrope. He did cartwheels and spins without falling off!

Kyalynn was a trapeze swinger. She used the swing and did stunts. Best picture I could get as  I was on the edge of my seat and saying over and over, "Be careful. Oh! Be careful!" LOL! 

Then it was off to cool off in the pool. And cool off you do as the pool is FREEZING!!! LOL!

Just ask Sam.....brrrrrrrrrr!

We ended the evening with our first campfire of the season. 
Burnt marshmallows are the best! :)