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Monday, June 1, 2015

I Never Knew....

I really didn't. I've read about it.....heard about it....but I have never, ever experienced it.
Don't get me wrong. I have loved a dog precious Mordecai who passed away at 15 years old, was the MOST amazing dog BUT he wasn't a warm and snuggly doggie. He was a fierce protector and he wanted your attention but it just wasn't what this is.

THIS is a warm, snuggly, sweet-natured puppy. This is the kind of dog we've always dreamed about. The kind of dog that allows your kids to lay on him, pet him, touch him, love him. The kind of dog my special needs kids NEED. 
Thank you Lord for providing this great gift to us!! 
My heart is so full...yes, crazy I know, that my heart is full over a dog, but it is. 

Let me back up just a bit....
When our Mordecai passed away we waited a bit and then decided to get another dog. We researched every possible breed and ended up sticking with the Mini-Schnauzer breed because our Mort was a great dog. So, we brought home Hezekiah. A little puff of gray fur. :) He, too, is a great dog in that he listens well, takes himself out to potty and comes back when he's done, loves me fiercely, always runs with me on my runs, and best of all (according to the kids!) is that we've taught him to do tricks. His repertoire includes sit, sit pretty, high five, shake paw, speak, and hold onto your hats.....he says "I love you". Now Sean does not agree. But I promise, the kids and I hear him say it! :) Anyhow, you can tell he is a great dog except there is just one little problem.....he bites! Alot! He's nipped several kids more than once, my oldest son a couple of times and my dad. So we decided it was time to find him a new home. We contacted a schnauzer rescue center and they had scheduled to take him this past weekend into his new foster home. My heart was breaking because he is my dog and I really didn't want him to go but felt I had no other choice for the safety of my kids. So we had been praying for another dog for the kids because Nolan especially was taking the idea of Hez leaving very hard. Last Thursday I saw an ad in the paper and called about this dog. To make a very long story short, this dog  was very easy going, no biting, very gentle and sounded just like what we were looking for! We went to visit and decided we wanted him but they were to keep him until Hezekiah moved to his new home in a day or so. Well........the foster dog family decided they couldn't get him for several weeks due to vacations. Oh no! Now what?! We began praying because we would seriously need a miracle for this to fly. Hezekiah is mean and goes nuts around other dogs. I know you won't be surprised by this but God did it! He truly has done something remarkable! Can you believe that this new dog has HELPED Hezekiah to relax? This new dog, Judah, has even taught Hezekiah how to play!! It is amazing really and can ONLY be a God thing. To hear the two of them running around playing chase with each other makes my heart full. If one of them goes outside the other is right out the door too. They stick close together. I call them the odd couple. LOL! 
So that's my God story for today. God can take the meanest, hard-hearted, hopeless, growly, cranky, biting dog and transform him before your very eyes! Which makes me so very, very happy to know there is still hope for me too! :)


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