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Monday, July 13, 2015

So far today....

I  just love to hear those people who tell me (after hearing I stay home) 
that they could NEVER do that. 
They would be SO BORED
Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!

Oye! Well...yeah...that like never happens here!
So far today (mind you it's only 12:19 pm!!)
I've had a non-stop barking dog as he chased a turkey up a tree and said turkey is gobbling and cackling 'cuz he's scared. (rightfully so!)
I've had 3 children needing constant re-direction,
I've had  a beloved daughter who asks me the same question 567,930,333 times! :)
I've had 2 very active boys run into one another causing one a head bonk on the hard cement - OUCH!
And the other a small slice on his arm which appears to him to be the size of the Grand Canyon. LOL! 
I've had multiple children interrupt every.single.task I'm trying to complete.
I've had to give the head bonked child a quiet task to do because his head hurts (of course) which means I had to gather, open and pour a million bottles of paint, supply him with a sheaf of paper and water to wash off his brushes because he could do it but...his head hurts. 
Then of course, like little ants, several more  come to check out what's going on and decide they too need to paint.
Happily (ok, ok, not quite) I set them up and thought NOW I can finish what I started....
but alas...
beloved daughter seeks me out and tells me to "close your eyes" and amidst my mumbling and muttering about "not getting anything EVER!" she places into my hands her paper she painted which states:
It is the most beautiful masterpiece I've ever seen! 
It is multi-colored (because I love colors)
and has a heart.

And I am reminded the tasks will always be here (baby, you aren't kidding!)
I'm accomplishing more than tasks....
I'm accomplishing a life well-lived, well-loved. 

Boredom...yeah...doesn't happen here (at least not for me - my kids may say otherwise)
and I may still be trying to accomplish the tasks I started back in 2002 but in the end 
completing the tasks aren't really what matters, is it?!

P.S. During the writing of this blog post I was interrupted 857 gazillion times,
had 436 "very important things to tell you conversations" 
oohed and aahed over a myriad of painted pictures,
kissed another boo-boo,
re-directed a son who thought mommy wasn't looking,
listened to my 5 year old tell me 999,999,999 times he wanted to shoot his brothers BB gun,
and already forgot my above message! 
Don't worry, 
I'm sure I'll get lots of practice at reminding myself of it in the hours to ensue. :)