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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Camping...or Oh my aching back....

Our kids LOVE camping! Although, their only experience with it was last year on the coldest night of the summer we camped in our front yard. And, since we didn't own a tent we stayed in our screen-house freezing our behinds off! Sean and I tried to talk the kids into going inside that night but they wouldn't hear of it. We had on sweatshirts, tons of blankets, and hats! Sean and I bemoaned the fact that our nice, warm, comfy beds were so lonely inside without us in them. LOL! Fast forward to this summer...
Again the kids begged to go camping. Sean and I explained why it wasn't a good tent, we're old, we like to move the next day and lying on the ground all night makes that difficult....but they just wouldn't buy it. :)
So....we bought a tent! Isn't she a beaut?!

She's a big'un. She sleeps 10 so we have lots of room. In fact, she's the perfect size for us to haul out the spare mattress for Sean and I to sleep on....not that we'd know or anything. LOL!
But boy did our backs feel better the next morning! 

The favorite part is the campfire night before and breakfast over the campfire.
We had what I dubbed my "mommy grand slam". 
Eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit, hot cocoa.

And yes, if you look closely you will see a toaster on the table. What?! That's not camping!
Well, um, yes, yes it was. :)
We stuck close to home because at this point it just makes life easier and they didn't care, they LOVED it! 
We plan to break out the tent a time or two yet this summer because well, our babies are growing fast and we are trying to soak and savor these moments in when we can.  :)