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Friday, September 4, 2015 knew this was baby G!

Isn't he the CUTEST?!

He is almost 10 months old and a ball full of energy! :)

I can honestly say I have absolutely NO trouble falling to sleep at night! 
I am plum worn out! :)

So here's the scoop on our Baby G....I know ya'll are dying to hear the details....

I was just playing with you...we have not added to our family. LOL!  I can hear you letting out the big sigh of relief....:)

Over a month  ago we received a phone call that my nephew's girlfriend had been in a serious car accident. So serious that she and her mom were taken to Hershey Medical Center and her two nieces were airflighted there. Her one niece, age 7, was released from the hospital but is in a wheelchair. The other niece, age 6, was in a coma for days but has since awoke but will have to relearn everything from eating, to walking to even knowing who her family members very sad. Please keep her in prayer...her name is Destiny.
Chrissi, baby G's mommy (and my nephew's girlfriend), was in Hershey Medical for several weeks and has since been moved to a rehab facility to try and learn to walk again. Her pelvis, among other bones, were shattered.  She has a very long road of recovery before her. 

So we have been watching baby G during the days. He was able to crawl a tiny bit before but the first week here he took off crawling all over the place! Then just this week, he took his first steps along the couch! How cool is that?!  The kids and I are really enjoying having a baby in the house again. However, my energy levels aren't what they used to be. LOL! 

It's been a challenge to figure out how to get all the necessary things done in a day BUT I am so thankful to have this time with him. 
He loves when Samuel does itsy bitsy spider on his legs and belly. 
He loves watching Nolan ride his bike and do crazy tricks. 
He loves when Gabriella sits beside him and talks to him. 
He loves Kyalynn singing to him 
and he loves Connor making funny faces at him. :) 

Our time watching him is winding down as we have only committed to this month of September yet. :(

It has been a great joy and I'm so thankful I was able to quickly step in and help. He will be in wonderful hands...his pappy will be taking over his care and I will only help as needed.

However, I have a feeling there will be tears all around when he doesn't show up in the morning for us to watch him. 


Denise said...

What a little cutie! It's a shame he doesn't get any attention from any of your kiddos! ;) I love the picture of all of your littles around the baby. So sweet. Praying for his momma and the others involved in the accident.