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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Civil War....

Oh my goodness if the Civil War was this cute no shots would have ever been fired! :)
We are just finishing up our lesson plans on this terrible war. The kids (and I!) have learned so much!
We've spent time on the local battlefield, spent hours reading, researching, watching and listening about the facts, the music, the food, the history, the medicine (pretty much non-existent - amputation was BIG back then!), the diseases, the who, what, where, why and when, and all things soldiers. This was one of our field trips to a museum. We had the whole place to ourselves! 

Kyalynn rolls me! She played the part well! LOL!

And doesn't Connor look like one of those old black and white soldier pictures?! 

An actual tree from the battlefield. You could see the bullets still in it!!

I know this is blurry but I had to post it because of Sam.
 His full of personality!
Btw, this is when he started telling me he wanted to leave.
 He had had enough museum by then! :)

This is more his speed....
The top of the tower. 8 flights up! 
Mommy was a little nervous going up but holy smokes 
going down mommy was a basket case! LOL! 

Um, did I mention Sam has no fear?!
Um, did I also mention that he thought it would be great fun 
to RUN down the 8 flights of steps?!
And um, did I mention he DID NOT want to appease me by holding onto the railing?! 

See that tiny white van down there?? 
Yep, that's ours and up close she's HUGE!
That just gives you an idea of perspective......
and why I was a tad bit concerned. :)

The infamous Devil's Den. Quite a story! One of their assignments was to
go to a very large tree that was here and inspect it. Then they were to imagine what the tree would have seen, felt and thought before, during and after the battle. The stories they wrote were really, really good! I love how each of them had their own perspective and how none of the stories were even remotely similar. 

We acted out the battle as we had read about it. 
We even had a drum and flags.
We gave the other tourists a show. LOL! 

Another tower but much lower to the ground! Only 3 flights up! 

I love how much the kids retain and that they love to share their knowledge.
The big brothers, daddy, and the grandparents often get a lesson on the Civil War when
they are here. :)


-stephanie- said...

Very cool! I love reading about the Civil War.
Awesome lesson for your kids to learn.