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So many good things....

My little herd.....:)

A field trip to a local dairy farm... this little calf was everyone's favorite! He loved to nibble their shirts and suck their fingers. Nolan declared that we needed a calf....LOL!

Just playing in the sand... the boys building and engineering Gabriella making her infamous sand pies Kyalynn.....reading of course! :)

This was our annual Harvest Party.  This year was dubbed "the greatest" because big bro Ryan joined in the fun!  Just check out Sean and Ryan eyeing each other up before the  sack race....:)

And they're off.....

This was at a science museum for Kyalynn's birthday. It was spectacular!!

And here is our birthday girl.... I can't even believe she is 13!! So, so precious....

Hot off the press!!

Hot off the press and just in time  for Christmas!!

This is my first book in the Ransomed Series.
The Ransomed Series is a group of books detailing the lives of orphans around the world.  Each book touches on the specific situations, problems, hardships, etc.  of children waiting for families in a specific country. 
I am still working on book #2..... I know, I know  but give me some slack  it's hard finding uninterrupted time  to write around here. :)
BUT  it's coming along nicely.
Spoiler Alert: The next book, a mystery, takes some wild twists and turns!
So, won't you come along for the ride? I promise you will  laugh, cry, think,  feel, and learn.
Please contact me if you would like to purchase a signed copy or two, for Christmas. :) You can reach me at: blessedby7atyahoodotcom