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Friday, February 12, 2016

Rockin' the puzzle.....

My girl LOVES puzzles. She spends countless hours each day working on her newest one. She was blessed with bunches of puzzles at Christmas and now has a wide variety to choose from. She does any amount of pieces but her favorites are the 1,000 pieces. She can rock one of those babies out in a little over a week! The 750 piece ones take her about 3 days and the 500 piece puzzles she can knock out of the park in about a day and a half! She started on a giraffe puzzle after this above one and has only a couple more pieces until she's done. She is such a forward thinker that she already knows which is her next one to work on.....the London one with Big Ben in it. :) 
Way to go Kyalynn!!


-stephanie- said...

Puzzles are a great hobby. Wow, she really does whip those out fast. Fun!