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Monday, February 15, 2016


The stomach flu made its' way through our home and it was rough! It actually started with Samuel and went thru the ranks one after another. At one point, I was holding two buckets as both kids were puking at the same time. Too much information?? Sorry but these were the facts of our life for over a week! Did I ever mention how very, very much I hate vomit? Or that I have a terrifying fear of the stomach flu after Sean was hit with it so severely years ago, passed out, hit his head, and ended up in the hospital? Um, yeah. Let's just say, this week definitely had me talking to God ALOT! I am SOOOO glad it's over! I seriously had a permanent vomit smell in my nose......YUCK!! Thank you God for healthy bodies!


-stephanie- said...

Reminder to self: When you see the title "Sick" do not keep reading while you are eating. ;-)

Taking care of sick kids is no fun. Hope the worst is over and you don't catch it.